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6 months ago

Do you know how to figure out your core values?

Most people confuse them with morals or “shoulds.”

Core values actually define who it feels best for you to BE and you always have access to ... See more

6 months ago

Facing yourself and your shadow side can be really scary, but I promise you… it’s worth it.

On the other side you will find inner freedom, peace, and beauty. You will find your way back to YOU.

6 months ago

What’s your favorite surprise you’ve ever gotten?

Jaxon surprises me with the most amazing things- a helicopter trip into the Grand Canyon for dinner, an incredible coat I had wanted for years, ... See more

6 months ago


Did you realize your thoughts are just strings of words?

And that most of them are “negative” because the thinking part of our brain is focused on ... See more

6 months ago

Are you aware of your reaction to emotional pain?

In my experience, we naturally do one of three things:

1. DIVE IN: when an emotion comes up, you spiral deeper into it

2. TRY TO CHANGE THEM: when ... See more

6 months ago

LET’S MANIFEST! Which vacation would bring you the most fulfillment?

Instead of ruminating on unhelpful thoughts tonight, imagine being at the spot you choose!

And tune into it with all of your ... See more

6 months ago

It’s not your job to change others.

It’s your job to lead by example. But NOT for the purpose of changing others.

Lead by example with the purpose of aligning with your best self.

It is then ... See more

6 months ago
Photos from Let Go and Find Flow's post

What’s the most beautiful thing you saw this weekend?

My spirit guides sent me a clear message to stop working and just BE for a few days.

We went to visit @emwatson24 at her new mountain home ... See more

6 months ago

This doesn’t mean don’t have negative thoughts or emotions… because we all do!

It means don’t dwell in it and therefore radiate it to others through your energy, your words, or your ... See more

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