Create a happy, abundant life from the inside out

  • This bootcamp is ONLINE and SELF-PACED to accommodate your busy schedule
  • Choose between a one-time payment of $347 or 3 monthly payments of $125
  • You will have access to the bootcamp for 1 year after enrolling
  • There are 6 modules (averaging 30-45 minutes each) and a beautiful workbook to reference in the future
  • At the end of the bootcamp, you’ll receive the Ultimate Formula for Letting Go & Finding Flow
  • Once you have enrolled in the bootcamp, you can join a private community with other Let Go & Find Flow members


Sign up by Friday, August 7 and get FREE access to my live group coaching calls in October ($497 value). Calls will be Wednesdays from 2-4PM EST. You will have the chance to work with me one-on-one.

What you’ll learn:

Module 1: Quiet Your Thoughts
Learn how to stop negative thoughts from getting in the way of a fulfilling life

Module 2: Alleviate Your Emotions
Significantly decrease the impact of your painful emotions

Module 3: Master the Mechanics of Mindfulness
Walk the talk and develop the skills to achieve mindfulness

Module 4: Align with Your Authentic Self
Find who you really are through an enlightening, empowering, and FUN exercise

Module 5: Bring Forth Light from the Darkness
Use difficult situations for your benefit

Module 6: Flow with Ease
Choose the life you want and flow into it with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the bootcamp start?
It’s self-paced so there is not a set start date. You can enter when it works for you, and complete the lessons according to your schedule. Once you enroll, you have access to the bootcamp for a year, so you can come back and watch the videos as often as you want!

What is the format of the bootcamp? How much time will it take?
It’s online and has 6 modules, with each module having a video (averaging 30-45 minutes/module). There’s a beautiful workbook with blanks to fill in, which helps you to further integrate the major concepts and provides you with something to reference in the future. I recommend completing one module per week to allow time for practicing the skills.

I’m already going to a therapist/coach. How will this be different?
I had a private practice as a therapist and coach for 5 years and clients were stunned to learn that I only do short-term work because I teach skills that apply to EVERY situation. The method I use is simple but very counterintuitive and not found with the typical therapist/coach. It addresses letting go of the past and emphasizes flowing into the future. 

Once the skills are learned, you don’t have to rely on someone else to feel good. I saw plenty of clients who had worked with other therapists or coaches for years and felt equipped to handle any situation after just a few months of learning the tools and techniques I teach.

What if I can’t afford $347 right now?
I have a payment plan option, so you can pay $125 for 3 months. Much less than individual sessions with a therapist or coach! Or you can get started now with my free workshop, “How to be Happy: The 5 Most Common Blocks to Fulfillment”

There’s never been a better time to let go and find flow

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