Identify Your Core Values

The Authenticity Card Sort is an incredibly powerful exercise that will help you understand who it feels best for you to be, empower you to be unapologetically you, and find fulfillment in every moment.


  • Make decisions based on what resonates with your soul rather than from a place of fear, guilt, or stress.
  • Release the need to please everyone else
  • No more waiting for external circumstances to change to feel good
  • Uncover your life’s purpose

What’s included:

  • A PDF with 100 core values cards
  • In-depth directions on how to
  • A code for $17 off the full Let Go & Find Flow Mindset Bootcamp

How it works:

  • Cut the cards out
  • Follow the directions to identify your core values by narrowing the cards down to your top 7-10 values
  • Consistently align with those values to enjoy your journey on your way to achieving your goals

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