I’m Alison Repp, MA, LPC
(I had to get my credentials in here somewhere!)

I’m a wife, mom of 2 daughters, speaker, and proud goofball.

Like you (and everyone else), I’ve struggled to align my personal reality with the life I dreamed of. You may also have noticed that the more we fight our “negative” thoughts and painful emotions, the stronger they become. And that happens for one simple reason:

It’s completely human to struggle with thoughts and emotions!

For most of my life I battled low self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety, and imposter syndrome while going through life altering events like abandonment, sexual abuse, toxic relationships, miscarriages, and transitioning into motherhood (just to name a few).

And then everything changed… because I changed.

I had been studying consciousness, metaphysics, and spirituality since I was 19 years old and everything I studied emphasized the importance of “just feeling good” to manifest what I wanted in life. But I kept having those “bad” emotions too, and I was scared because I had been taught to believe that those emotions would result in bad things happening to me. It seemed impossible to “just feel good” all of the time.

Then I went to graduate school to become a therapist. I was disheartened by the constant focus on the past and the “band-aid” approaches to pain. Then, in my last semester of school, I had a wonderful professor who taught us an approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is grounded in Eastern philosophy and backed by Western Science.

When I combined practical tools for ending my struggle with metaphysical concepts for creating the future, I realized I had the magic formula.

In my private practice, I was able to combine the tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with the unconventional techniques I had learned from my deep dive into spirituality, consciousness, and manifestation. The power of this combination quickly became clear . So I closed my private practice and poured my heart and soul into creating programs for women all over the world.

Enough about me. It’s your turn to shine.

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