Live Bootcamp

A 7-week mindset bootcamp where you’ll learn how to stop struggling and flow into a happy, abundant life with ease

  • Because it is an intimate group, participants will be screened (see details below)
  • Calls will take place on Zoom Wednesdays, October 7- November 18, from 1:00-2:30pm EST and will be recorded to accommodate schedule conflicts
  • Choose between a one-time payment of $397 or 3 monthly payments of $147
  • Once you have enrolled in the bootcamp, you can join a private community with other Let Go & Find Flow members


What’s Included

  • Participation in all live calls
    • The first 20-30 minutes will be a guided lesson from Alison and then the rest of the time will be dedicated to her working one-on-one with participants (with other participants observing)
  • Access to the professionally recorded, self-paced bootcamp as well as recordings of our live calls (so you can go back any time and refresh yourself on the concepts)
  • An MP3 of the professionally-recorded bootcamp (to listen to on the go)
  • The beautiful course workbook (it’s really pretty- a past participant said she was going to wallpaper her office with it)
  • Access to a resources page for members only
  • An invitation to a bootcamp members group where you can connect with other like-minded women
  • Your own set of Core Values Cards

Criteria for Participants

  • True commitment to making an internal change (thoughts, emotions, authenticity, etc)
  • Willingness to take responsibility for your reality
  • Comfort with being open and vulnerable, and sharing in front of other women (whom you will get to know before the first module)

What You’ll Learn

Week 1: Meet Your Tribe
Get to know the women in the group so you can feel warm and fuzzy inside during each call. Alison will also prepare you for the weeks to come (what to expect and how you can get the most out of it).

Week 2: Quiet Your Thoughts
Learn how to stop negative thoughts from getting in the way of a fulfilling life

Week 3: Alleviate Your Emotions
Significantly decrease the impact of your painful emotions

Week 4: Master the Mechanics of Mindfulness
Walk the talk and develop the skills to achieve mindfulness

Week 5: Align with Your Authentic Self
Find who you really are through an enlightening, empowering, and FUN exercise

Week 6: Bring Forth Light from the Darkness
Use difficult situations for your benefit

Week 7: Flow with Ease (40 minutes)
Choose the life you want and flow into it with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the bootcamp start?
Registration is open from 9/8/2020-9/18/2020 and the bootcamp begins 10/7/2020. Once you enroll, you have access to the self-paced bootcamp as well as recordings of the live calls, so you can come back for refreshers as often as you want!

What is the format of the live bootcamp? How much time will it take?
Each call begins with a 20-30 minute lesson from Alison and then it opens up to answering questions from the group and going deeper into the concepts with your real-life scenarios. There’s a beautiful workbook with blanks to fill in, which helps you to further integrate the major concepts and provides you with something to reference in the future.

I’m already going to a therapist/coach. How will this be different?
Alison had a private practice as a therapist and coach for 5 years and clients were stunned to learn that she only did short-term work because she teaches skills that apply to EVERY situation. The method she uses is simple but very counterintuitive and not found with the typical therapist/coach. It addresses letting go of the past and emphasizes flowing into the future. 

Once the skills are learned, you don’t have to rely on someone else to feel good. Alison saw plenty of clients who had worked with other therapists or coaches for years and felt equipped to handle any situation after just a few months of learning the tools and techniques she teaches.

What if I can’t afford $397 right now?
You can choose a payment plan option, which is $147 for 3 months. Much less than individual sessions with a therapist or coach! Or you can get started now with Alison’s free workshop, “How to be Happy: The 5 Most Common Blocks to Fulfillment”

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